building partnerships to regenerate soils

Teambuilding to tackle the Climate Emergency

We believe that key for preserving an inhabitable earth are EarthHealers – people that regenerate the soil ecosystem to harvest excess carbon from the atmosphere and restore biodiversity at large scale. Those people are for instance regenerative farmers and rewilding project teams.

However, those EarthHealers need broad support from many diverse skilled partners ranging from education and financing to software development, machine engineering, marketing and many many more…

This is absolutely mandatory to scale- and speed-up the restoration process in a way that has a significant impact in an acceptable time frame – we only have a few years left.

Therefore,  our foundation supports the generation of local networks and partnerships of EarthHealers and their supporters. Although these partnerships should be local, we encourage teams to share their knowledge worldwide to force scaling effects.

Access to Knowledge and Transparency of Data

Because of the huge dimension and the complexity of healing the earth, key to a sustainable and scalable teambuilding is free or at least affordable access to knowledge and tools. These tools can be software, machines, webinars, sensors, education platforms and many other things. The fastest way to distribute knowledge in the 21th century is digitalization.

However, since keeping this knowledge in containers and only allowing privileged access is slowing down or even blocking progress in knowledge distribution. We therefore additionally need to ensure sustained and free access to knowledge and data. 

Digitalization as the Key Tool

As the history of the internet has taught us,  digitalization can be the perfect tool to support both free access to knowledge and transparency of data:

The ability to share data over the internet has revolutionized the way we heal diseases, prepare for local weather extremes like tornados , develop homeschooling concepts in times of a pandemic  and  build small local independent businesses connected to the world markets.  Therefore, we think that an unified data language and free access to it will be the key tool for developing new tools for EarthHealers.

Digitalization also allows a maximum of transparency. Since although the owner still controls her/his data, they can also be shared with customers and partners to show the real truth and impact behind his/her work.

Therefore, the heal-the-earth foundation hosts and ensures free access to an unified, structured data language: RAL – the regenerative agriculture language. This digital tool allows all EarthHealers and their partners, projects and tools to share, search, distribute, and re-use their data and knowledge – if wanted.

Project scopes that we want to support

  • local networks & partnerships that support regenerative farmers or rewilding project teams
  • projects that develop scalable tools for EarthHealers
  • include information technology to collect and publicly share structured data generated by the project using RAL

Projects we already support

  • climate-neutral-food hub Wittlich
  • RAL-connection rucolasoft – permarobotics
  • Savory Foundation, Hub Germany

Apply with your project or join us!